5 Things I Never Leave the House Without


Heres my purdy “little” purse I talked about before ( Ill post a better picture of it on my IG @officialchrend) which I absolutely love BTW but its damn huge. Anyways, theres 5 things I always always carry in my purse aside from the usual and the obvious (e.g sunglasses) that I never leave the house without:

  1. Tatcha Beauty Papers  $12.00

I have a mixure of oil/dry skin (?) I honestly dont know, my skin just does whatever the hell it wants but I cant leave anywhere without these for sure. When I run out of these I just use the Walgreens brand but I try to stock on these ASAP – They absorb shine and oil like never before.

2. Sephora Push Pop Travel Brush $8.00

I havent found anything to compare it to because I never bought a travel brush that I really liked but this one comes with ribbon scrungies and has a mirror (lol, I cant leave without a brush.period.)

3. YSL Touche Blur Perfector $55.00

Aside from Tatcha Papers I often use this to mattify my make-up and it works well. It does have that “blurring” effect and it actually reminds me of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light  for some reason (which is the primer i’m currently using and recommend)

4. Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched $22.00

I got the color honey bear which is described as a toasted mauve and its perfect for those days I feel lazy (Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Treatment is also another good one to use) but trust, these will keep your lips moisturize and looking natural and cutesies

5. Dior Diorshow Mascara $27.50

I got a mini one from a sample (I think?) so I can have the full size at home. I swear by this mascara for the simple fact that it does its job (the recent one that I bought is waterproof as well) Howeverrrr I may replace this with Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara since its going to be waterproof next month + everyone is raving about it!


What are your purse essentials?

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