I created Chrend the beginning of 2016, which initially was just a private blog for myself where I documented home beauty remedies and DIY fashion projects. However, by June I decided why not share my little tips with the rest of the world? & voila! I made this beauty diary of mine public. Now, in doing so, my vision shifted completely — I now want to create a place where there’s no B.S content at all  (A.K.A false reviews due to paid advertisement — there’s enough of that on Instagram) just honest ones.

I hope Chrend becomes one platform where you can read and share honest reviews or thoughts on makeup products, fashion items, DIY beauty/fashion projects, skincare remedies and/or the latest trend in the beauty world. I’d hope to build a beauty community designed for trend addicts so that they share tips, information and the latest news from the beauty and the fashion world with other readers. It is a rare privilege to find a friend who can understand the woes of the modern beauty addict who are forever confused in the world of options.. so, no worries! I gotcha.






What do you look like? you don’t appear in your photos..

Here ya go! I like to keep readers focused on the content itself & not exactly on who is showcasing it.

You’re writing style is..different?

 I know this😝 and to be honest when I started chrend I felt like I was sounding too professional for my liking (in other words, ingenuine.) — it just wasn’t me!  Because in person I’m pretty goofy & laidback. So, I said FAQ it and now I keep the vibe friendly and chill because that’s me.

How old are you?


Where are you from?

South FL

Whats your nationality?


Why is your IG all black?

I love photography especially black and white photography (plus, black is my favorite color because it matches with everything) But I literally wont post on IG unless I was inspired

P.S If you decide to follow me just know there’s a 95% that my posts will be in black/ white 😝

Who do you design jewelry for?

Its actually my little store me and a friend started off in 2014 ➝  Vasylious

I’d like to collab/guestpost where can I email you?

Hey, feel free to reach me via email at chrendblog@gmail.com or via facebook mssg


Random Stuff About Me:


I’m more of a tomboy than a girly girl I’ve been addicted to oreos since I was like 8 yrs old I  use — alot because my thoughts are always scattered My favorite color is black because it matches with everything + its so mysterious (I dont overdo it though) I’m a huge gamer since the D2 & Warcraft:Frozen Throne days I like the minimalist lifestyle but makeup and designer bags are holding me back I’m currently trying to incorporate eco-friendly alternatives to my lifestyle b/c I love earf I like jazz, rap, disco etc. but prefer indie music overall I consider myself an introvert  I’m a homebody super laidback Majoring in advertising — I love being alone — I think creative thinking is so important Sports > Gym — I’m always in sports clothes unless im going out out




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