I created Chrend the beginning of 2016, initially, It was just a private diary for myself where I documented home beauty remedies and DIY fashion projects. But by June, I decided why not share my little tips with the rest of the world? & voila! That’s when I made this beauty diary of mine public. Now, in doing so, my vision shifted completely — I want to create a place where beauty lovers can share reviews with other beauty enthusiasts.

I hope Chrend becomes one platform where you can read and share honest reviews or thoughts on makeup products, fashion items, DIY beauty and the latest trend in the beauty world. A beauty community designed for trend addicts so that they share tips, information and the latest news from the beauty and the fashion world with other readers. It is a rare privilege to find a friend who can understand the woes of the modern beauty addict who are forever confused in the world of options.. so, no worries! I’m working on it.

Random Stuff About Bonnie:

I’m more of a tomboy than a girly girl I’ve been addicted to Oreos since I was like 8 yrs old  my thoughts are always scattered My favorite color is black  — I’m a huge gamer since the D2 & Warcraft: Frozen Throne days I like the minimalist lifestyle but makeup and designer bags are holding me back I’m currently trying to incorporate eco-friendly alternatives to my lifestyle b/c I love earth I like jazz, rap, disco etc. but prefer indie music overall I’m an introvert  I’m a homebody laidback Majoring in advertising — I love solitude — I believe creative thinking is important Sports > Gym —


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