Almond Oil for Skin

almond oil

Hey Chrendies,

Now that exams are over — I can finally focus on whats more important.. beauty & makeup! (kidding, education is important too!)

but i’ve seriously been itching to post about this for such a long time that I dont know why I havent done so sooner (?) I’m legit using it right now and I’m SO happy my mom told me about this because i’m seriously seeing some major improvement on my skin.

 Its Almond Oil ( Oh! I’m sure you werent able to tell from the title)



If you want healthier/longer hair, stronger nails and diminish wrinkles  then you need to add almond oil to your skincare routine A.S.A.P

Why you ask?

Almond oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and protein making this oil one of the best supplements for hair, skin, nails and overall health. It is a godsend for those that want healthy skin! Almond oil has high levels of vitamin E and when applied regularly you’re protecting your skin from UV radiation therefore, maintaining your skin flawless and supple.

However, although I am also using it for my hair and nails I have noticed the most improvement on my skin because it appears to be smoother and squinky clean (almost pore-less) making the makeup process a walk in the park.

Plus, if you need a light exfoliator then Almond oil is what you need! since its light in texture your skin quickly absorbs it and with time helps get rid of black heads. Did I mention that I use it to exfoliate? I have really sensitive skin so I tend to stick with organic/healthy alternatives as much as possible. So, you cant go wrong with almond oil and brown sugar and maybe a few drops of raw honey (totally optional)

Although sadly, I haven’t seen any major results with my hair and nails — Almond oil is definitely worth buying and adding to your skincare regimen.


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