Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

Modern Renaissance Palette


Bonnie signing in 🙂


I finally received my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette and I am in LoOooOoOoOoOoOoOoOOoOOoVE!

Now, I wasnt planning on purchasing MR without personally seeing the palette/sample in Sephora (which hasnt launched yet)  but I looked at the shades and I figured I’ll purchase one and if I dont like it I’ll just pass it over to a friend or something (?)  So, I purchased mine from ABH website and waited 4/5 days for my goodies to arrive

EDIT:  I purchased mine the beginning of June(IIRC*) when it wasn’t available @ but now it is!

Modern Renaissance Palette

I ended up LOVING it for the simple fact that I can actually see myself using all (14) shades in this palette. There’s not one shade that is too “loud” for me  or one that I wouldn’t use. I think ABH wanted to  launch an eyeshadow palette that literally everyone/anyone can use and they nailed it.

Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette


  • This palette comes with (14) shades that comes with neutral and berry tones
  • The MR palette is currently $42.00 on the ABH site
  • Includes an Eyeshadow double-sided brush
  • 3 shimmery tones + 11 matte tones


CTRL + Plus Sign (+) (1)

Modern Renaissance Palette

(swatch photo from a different angle)

These shades feel so buttery, velvety and smooth — The ‘warmth’ of this palette is what attracted me to it

and the high pigmentation and texture is what made me fall in love with it

Worth? Yes, its a must-have. This palette is perfect for every day use (neutral look ) or a girl night out (dramatic look) and the price range is just right
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye shadow palette

stencil.default (6)

(close up)

Look at these shades though 😮

I am in love!


Instagram 2

*IIRC – If I remember correctly

⚠If you want to see a quick look on how the shades look without the photo editing click play on the vid below (watch until the end)

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