Benefits of Lemon Water

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But for today’s post I want to quickly talk about lemon + water

(Side note: Yeah, I know .. you’re probably thinking ” You mean lemonade?..” I was thinking the same thing so I figured I’ll just call it sugarless lemonade but it didn’t have a ring to it so lets continue with lemon water LOL)

Although it’s exact origins are known, everyone recognizes the fruit whose sour, tangy taste makes our face scrunch up: the lemon. Though the science is still in process, lemons have been linked to numerous benefits.

Let’s start with the one that is right under our noses, especially when we’re eating salads. Many leafy vegetables like spinach and kale among other foods contain substances like oxalic acid which interfere with our bodies’ ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals present in such food. Lemon, among other fruits with vitamin C, help counteract the effects of oxalic acid, thus allowing you to get the most out of your vegetables.

Lemon juice can also aid in the prevention of kidney stones. The most common cause of kidney stones is an excess buildup of calcium oxalate. Citric acid, what gives lemons their sour taste, has been shown to reduce the buildup and formation of calcium oxalate.

Lemon juice can also aid in weight loss if used as a replacement for sodas, coffee, and other juices. Many of us prefer such drinks because water is rather bland. But many of these drinks are highly processed, usually containing over a 100 calories and of course sugar which can mess up our metabolism. It’s easy to see how drinking several of such drinks a day can add up in calories and sugar, contributing to weight gain, metabolic disruption and potentially diabetes down the line. Lemons, however, have only 17 calories, making lemon water a tasty alternative. Even if you felt the need to add some organic sugar, this drink would still be a much healthier alternative given the sugar intake was kept in moderation.

Lemon is also antibacterial to some extent. Research has shown that certain compounds in lemons are highly effective disinfectants in high enough concentrations. As a small aid, lemon juice can be a great remedy for minor sore throat, acne, and can even be used as a deodorant. Its ph level helps kills certain strains of bacteria, which can contribute to a sore throat, acne and odor.

More than a nice addition to your morning coffee, or an odd flavor to put in pastries, lemons are as beneficial as they are bitter. Like any healthy thing, they’re not our immediate favorite, but over time we’ll wonder how we got on without them.

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