Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

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         I know pumpkin-spice season is just around the corner so I figured “why not post an informative read on the benefits of Pumpkin seed oil?”

I think its fair to say that one of the things some women want in life is beauty; everybody wants to look as good as possible. Some people are naturally gifted in the looks department while others have to make a bit of an effort. Some lipstick there, and an eyeliner there and voila! “Model-like”looks, but that’s due to make up.. which is temporary. In order to have more lasting results we turn to nature where we find tons of things that help enhance our natural beauty. One of those natural products is pumpkin oil or pumpkin seed oil.

Let’s find out what exactly this oil can do.

pumpkin seed oil benefits

  1. Hair Growth:

Pumpkin oil is great for hair growth, it is filled with vitamins and minerals that help with hair growth, making it long and strong and also adding a bit of shine. It also eliminates dandruff which is a sign of a dry scalp, oil naturally moisturizes the scalp and with pumpkin oil it will not only eliminate dandruff by moisturizing, it will keep it from returning back and give you a healthy scalp facilitating hair growth AND prevents hair loss. (what more can you ask for?:p)

  1. Fights Acne:

In addition to facilitating hair growth, pumpkin oil is loaded with zinc, Vitamins A, E and K with Omega 3, antioxidants and fatty acids. It also has acne fighting properties which happens to be quite common during puberty and adolescence. It also prevents acne from coming back as well.


  1. Anti Aging:

It stops aging, keeps skin young and tight and protects from damage that causes aging. Keeps skin hydrated and also is a great remedy in healing wounds.


  1. Prevents Balding:

One of the greatest problems in adults is balding; no matter how many products they use they can’t stop it. However, pumpkin oil has properties that can delay balding when used at the right time. When your skin and body will have the right nutrients and minerals it will put off the balding process for some time.


  1. Improves Immunity:

Like mentioned before it has dozens of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which have tons of benefits as we have been discussing, however if you intake pumpkin oil it will help boost your immune system. Fighting off sickness, diseases and viruses, you will be able to withstand more and won’t get sick often.


  1. Improves Eyesight:

As mentioned earlier, it is loaded with Vitamin A which is very beneficial for eyesight. The use of pumpkin oil will therefore have a great effect on your eyesight.

The best remedy for any sort of health related problem should be natural as they have tons of benefits and little to no side effects. They won’t be that strong as allopathic medicine in the beginning but given enough time will be more beneficial to you and your body in the long run. These were a few of the benefits of pumpkin oil, so whenever a problem like the ones mentioned here arise, consider turning to natural alternatives first like pumpkin oil!



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