Best foundation for dry skin

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best foundation for dry skin

Yes, I’m a makeup fein but theres some products I purchase more than others E.G foundation and lipstick..

I collect so many lipsticks I forget the ones I have so when I go to Sephora I buy the same ones each and every time

(Yep, im foregetful..I’m like Dory from Finding Nemo ) but when it comes to foundation: I.AM.PICKY. 

I tend to go with a foundation thats medium to full coverage, doesnt dry my skin or look patchy, looks natural and has durability

(and if it has SPF even better). But I haven’t found the perfect foundation just yet however, I have (3) pretty close ones that I think every dry or combo skin victim will appreciate.

My faves right now

best foundation for dry skin

I’m a combo (oily on my T-zone and dry everywhere else) but comes winter time and my face is super dry. So, last year I was in search of the best foundation and I think I may have found a pretty good prospect.  Ill name my faves in order:

  1. Clinique: even better Foundation
  2. Estee Lauder: Double Wear Foundation
  3. Nars: Weightless Foundation

This clinique foundation is my absolute ffffffaaaaavvvvooorritte and out of all of them I use this one every single day and here’s why:

1.It doesnt stick to my dry areas (I have super dry patches on my chin and the side of my nose)

2. The coverage looks super natural

3. It doesnt leave your face ‘cakey’

4. Helps evening out your skin tone’

5. light weight


  1. lasts 3-4 hrs (carry blotting papers with you!)

The Estee Lauder foundation I actually use with my Clinique foundation because I like to cocktail/mix my foundation to perfectly match the skin tone on my face. I’ve looked high and low for a foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly and I havent found one (yet) but mixing foundations is the answer. ( mixing Clinique with the Estee Lauder i’ve made a power couple)

Nars, is a good foundation after i’ve moisturizing but its not a foundation I can count on when I’m lets say, in a rush for example and I dont have time to moisturize or prep its not the foundation I’d turn to because it does stick to dry areas IF you dont moisturize but the density or texture is almost like water (?) an extremely light weight foundation with buildable coverage but it’ll have to stay as my 3rd favorite (its not comparable to Clinique’s)

Which are your favorite foundations and which one would you highly recommend? let me know via facebook or in the comments below!


best foundation for dry skin

P.S I’ve heard about the Marc Jacob and Dior foundation as well, i’m planning to try those next!


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