3 Best Lipstick Shades + My Faves

I love love loveeeee lipsticks!  I’m the type to carry lipsticks and a mirror in my purse literally everyday! ( Okay.. maybe not everyday but you get my point)

Whether the shade is bright, dark or nude – I’d rock the hell out of them. But as you may know, some shades just dont look good on everybody e.g I find nudes kind of icky on me? whereas, bright pink and neutral mauve shades look marvelousss on me darling! 

Below i’ll introduce (3) of my favorite lipstick shades ATM that I think you or anyone might like too!


Kat Von D – Lovecraft – $21.00


Described as: Matte Mauve Pink Nude

SN: There’s a reason why this lipstick is a ‘cult favorite’


BITE – Pecan – $28.00


Described as: Warm Dusty Pink

SN: Not only does this lipstick roll on like butter  but I kind of like the hand cut flat shape it has as well ( easier + smoother application)


Givenchy – Beige Mousseline – $36.00


Described as: Light Beige

SN: The first two have always been in my favorite list but I’ve just discovered this shade about two weeks or so  and I simply love it. This is probably the only nude shade I have  – Its a very subtle nude color and its currently my favorite this month. I highly recommend!



.Whats your favorite shade ATM?


ATM: At the moment

SN: Side note

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