BITE Amuse Bouche Swatches + First Impression



L to R: Chai, Sake, Pepper, Molasses $26.00 ea

First, let me start off by saying that I think I out did myself with these shades! If you’ve been following my posts – I mention that every single time I purchase makeup online I end up returning it the next day because the foundation or lipstick is way too dark or way too light for my skin tone.  But fear not! I found a way to resolve this issue:

  1. Look up swatches and/or reviews for that shade or product (Google Images is your friend)
  2. Read the description very very carefully

By reading the description of each of these shades I was able to score these beautiful lippies! (AKA I will not be returning these at all)



No Flash

I’ve always been a huge fan of BITE products and as I’ve said before my all time favorites are Peacan, Caramel and Marzipan (BTW, doesn’t Molasses remind you of Marzipan?) but I also have Heather, Caramel,Rosewood,Musk,Salut etc. The list goes on..

I think everyone can agree that BITE lippies are creamy and moisturizing (I made sure to use no flash and/or editing in the swatch) even so, you can still tell how creamy these gorgeous shades are. Also, notice the neutral shades I miraculously chose – I suppose you can say, i’m attracted to neutral shades like moths to a fire.


TLDR; BITE never disappoints and definitely takes a win for the Amuse Bouche Collection.

P.S Once I’ve tried these lippies on a few times i’ll be posting a review


Which shade have you tried or which one would you recommend?


(Ill be posting my entire BITE collection on IG! Follow me @officialchrend)




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