Makeup Brush Cleaner

Hey Chrendies!

So, today I decided to try out one little item almost all makeup junkies have been raving about: The Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat.

I was reading some reviews and apparently it reduces the time it takes to wash brushes thoroughly by a ton.

But seeing that retailers are selling these for $25 a pop  — I decided to make one! Feel free to read the reasons below

Makeup brush cleaning mat



Things you’ll need:

  • (FREE) Plastic board (e.g clip board or a plastic lid of a container you dont need)
  • ($5 — Dollar store) Glue Gun
  • Creativity

First step: Begin with creating little swirls and patterns on your board, like so..

Tip: Draw Zigzags, swirls, dots, lines, words.. you name it!

I was named the reincarnation of Picasso in 3rd grade

diy makeup brush board

here’s where it gets sort of tricky.. make sure you dont glue too close to the plastic because you dont want the glue to lay flat but raised instead.

Step 2: 

Let it dry and try it out!



10/10 would recommend




It worked! I honestly thought that my amazing doodling would mess up the results but it really worked! The best thing about it is that it literally costs $5.00 to make. Oh! and it took me like 15 seconds to get my brush cleaned thoroughly (If you wash your brushes with just your hands — you know the pain)

P.S If you do this and come up with better/funnier doodles — OMG! TAG ME ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM


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