Fashion Nova Review | What You Need to Know

fashion nova review

Fashion Nova is one of the most popular eCommerce shops on Instagram, its where all the beauty influencers and socialites get their clothes from (Yes, we know they’re getting paid for the promo + free clothes) but there’s no doubt that this shop was put on the map because of their affordable prices and fashionable clothes. Personally, I tend not to purchase anything from Instagram because I feel like I may be more at risk in being scammed from one of these shops than an actual solidified company but I heard good feedback from friends –  so, I figured, why not?


No Refunds

Fashion Nova offers absolutely no refunds (even if it’s their fault). This kind of practice is extremely sketchy and there have been numerous stories (mine included) where customers have purchased items from their site, wait a week for the order to be processed and turns out the item they purchased was out of nova review

You would think they’d have their back-end system automated (so this doesn’t happen) or issue a refund (it’s not the customer’s fault anyway) but Nah, they email you a gift card and are quite adamant about issuing no refunds.

Tip: If they don't offer you a refund then process a chargeback with your credit card company.

Slow Customer Service

The only form of support Fashion Nova has is email and they claim to have the response time of 1-3 business days (I say “claim” because, in my experience, their response time was almost a week).


Selling out of stock items?

I was wondering why their system was so outdated and then I recalled seeing something in their email that explained everything.

fashion nova review

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides you all the tools you need to launch an online shop (like Squarespace, bigcartel etc.) – Shopify also offers 3rd party apps within their platforms, which allows you to add different and extra features to your shop (e.g. email marketing) which btw, does not come cheap. I  assume Fashion Nova does not want to pay a 3rd party company to index/automate their inventory due to how much it may lower their profit.

Final Straw

Nevermind the fact that they don’t offer free shipping (and delete any negative reviews on their social media accounts 🐸🍵 ) but the customer is also responsible for the shipping costs on returns (?). I don’t remember ever purchasing anything from a store that doesn’t offer prepaid labels/ “no hassle” returns.

fashion nova review

Worth it?

I’ll leave the verdict up to you but personally, Its a no for me.

Side note: Yes, the clothes are super cute but just know what you’re getting into!



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