How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for Summer

The change in season means longer days, warmer temperatures and more holidays to relax and have fun! It also means more time spent outdoors and exposure to the harsh sun. Whether you’re playing more sports or tanning on the beach, UV light, dry wind, and heat can all wreak havoc on the healthy condition of our skin. The cosmetic regime you relied upon in winter may not be sufficient for summer. Learn how to change your skin care routine for summer and maintain that gorgeous glow!

The Importance of Changing Your Summer Skin Care Regime

The rise in temperature and humidity increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. You will find that a dry or balanced complexion in winter becomes oily in summer. This increases the risk of blocked pores and dreaded breakouts!

Exposure to the intense sunlight provides essential vitamin D but prolonged periods spent in the sun causes premature aging, uneven skin tone, and severe damage.

Your Summer Skin Care Routine:

  • Include a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Product in Your Daily Regime

Whether long or short periods spent outdoors, your facial moisturizer should include an SPF of at least 15 to 20; preferably higher in very sunny and hot conditions. If your preferred choice of moisturizer does not include an SPF, consider adding a sun protection product to your regime. Keep your face and neck protected against UVA and UVB light because of its damaging effects.

  • Choose a Moisturizer Compatible with Your Skin Type

For most of us, oil becomes a serious summer problem. Those high shine areas along the forehead, cheeks and chin can quickly get in the way of the perfect selfie. Do not stop using a hydrating product as this will dry the skin out and increase sebaceous gland secretions. Rather find a mattifying or gel moisturizer. These products keep your skin hydrated while minimizing excess oil and the risk of blemishes.

  • Select the Best Toner for Your Skin Type

If your skin is oilier in summer, invest in a toner! Choose a non-alcohol-based toner to avoid it drying your skin. Toners help minimize pore size and manages sebum production for a cleaner, clearer complexion. Dry skin can benefit from a replenishing mask including a water-based or hydrating toner.

  • Balance Your Foundation

The heat and humidity do no favors for the condition of your skin especially while wearing makeup. Swop your regular foundation for a lightweight or mineral based formula. The product should also be non-comedogenic. Allow your skin to breathe and prevent those pesky pimples!

  • Don’t Forget About Your Lips

With so much emphasis on protecting our face and neck areas, most of us forget to protect our lips. Hot weather and warm winds can cause dryness and chapping. Maintain luscious lips and pucker up using an SPF 30 lip moisturizer. This will prevent against sunburned lips too. Your skin is precious and should be treated as such. From cleansing and toning to moisturizing with sun protection, invest in a summer skin care regime for beautiful, naturally glowing skin

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