How to Clean Makeup Brushes

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So, of course its common for us girls to apply makeup as a routine. I mean, nowadays everyone is aware of the brands, the quality, etc. in the market but what people don’t pay attention is the fact that you need to clean your brushes regularly (or at least often).

🔑Major Key: Its unhygienic not to do so and becomes a breeding place for bacteria, accumulation of dead cells, and old product

 No worries, I’m going to explain to you some really simple and effective ways to go about it!

how to clean makeup brushes


The basic way to clean your makeup brush when you have limited time and resources is to make use of soap and some water. If you have expensive brushes skip this –  I only recommend using this method on cheap brushes ( or ones you dont really care about)

  1. Take your makeup brush and run the bristle end through some lukewarm water [Ensure that while doing this you take care that the water doesn’t reach the middle part of the brush].
  2. Take some soap into your hand and run the bristle end through the soap. Lather forms and keep cleansing it till all the makeup comes out.
  3. Run the bristle end again to get rid of the soap and leave it to dry over a paper towel.

🔑 NEW! Key Alert: Seriously though, do not use regular soap on your expensive brushes

how to clean makeup brushes


I like using this method on my M.A.C brushes since its a much safer way and doesnt damage any of the fibers on the brushes

  1. Mix two parts of oragnic/natural soap and one part of olive oil and run your brush through it lukewarm water as mentioned above.
  2. Take this wet brush and dip it into the mixture and cleanse the bristle end with your fingers gently until all the makeup comes off.
  3. Repeat. Until the water runs through clear.



I’ve heard about using baby shampoo? But I dont know (personally, I like to use natural and gentle soaps on my brushes) you could use baby shampoo and clean your brush the same way as done in the above two methods.


Let them air-dry overnight! Dont store them anywhere (just yet) as moisture or dampness + air tight closed space is bacteria city

Finally, after they have completely dried out, ensure to shape out the bristles. Incase, they’re really really dry, then you can rub a little moisturizer and rinse it off, this will leave them soft and silkehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..Silky.. gentle moisturizer leaves them silky.

Go ahead and comment here or on my Facebook let me know if you know more ways to go about it!

how to clean makeup brushes


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