How to get clear skin

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Acne, the cause of what “pizza face syndrome”, is caused when the oil in glands mixes with the bacteria on our face to clog pores. It is thought to be caused by a number of things, including poor hygiene, stress, and hormones that cause the increase in oil production. Even diet is thought to have an effect. In ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic science called “face mapping”, it is believed different parts of the face are linked to different organs, so depending on where you get acne will reveal what the underlying cause is, say poor kidneys or stressed liver. Although no studies have verified the validity of face mapping, there have some suggestion that diary, high glycemic foods, and gluten can contribute to acne.

Oftentimes, people jump straight to topical treatments or pharmaceutical to address their acne, but there are many ways to alleviate and sometimes even cure acne by simply implementing a few changes to one’s lifestyle. So let’s discuss how to address acne by its major causes: poor hygiene, stress, and diet.

how to get clear skin

  1. Always have a clean canvas


Now we all know we should wash our face often, ideally a few times a day. But care should be taken to avoid abrasive cleansers or perhaps any cleaners at all, using only water instead. Often cleansers can cause reactions in the skin either due to a mild allergic reaction or due to the drying effects of cleansers which ironically cause the skin glands to produce more oil. Also, pillowcases should be cleaned regularly as they quickly build up dirt, oil and dead skin. Even one’s smart phone should be cleaned as it also collects dirt and oil from one’s hands and face.

2. Meditate your stress away!

Next is stress: which more and more seems to be the culprit of so many ailments, physical and psychological. The best recommendation is mindfulness meditation. For those that are unfamiliar, mindfulness meditation is simply sitting in whatever position is comfortable for you and observing your breath for a period of time. When your mind begins to wander, and it will often, simply acknowledge the wandering and bring your attention back on the movement of your breathing. Mindfulness meditation has been heavily researched by scientists and the benefits are numerous, especially its effects on reducing stress and the hormones related to it. Simply 20-30 min a day is enough to produce lasting significant benefits after a while.

3. You are what you eat

Finally, we have our diet. Hippocrates, the first physician, once said, “Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. Let’s see what food to eat and to avoid to heal our skin.

Essentially any foods which promote growth hormones, and inflammation can contribute to acne. This means one must stay away from any food allergens, and consuming foods that lower inflammation like nuts, seeds and anything that contains omega 3s. Also dairy can potentially cause acne in some people as it is thought to promote certain hormones which cause the skin to produce more oil. So a brief period of abstaining from dairy may be worth trying, though one would have to abstain for at least 6 weeks to see results. Also gluten should be avoided with anyone that has or at least believes they have any sensitivities. Insulin spikes have also been potentially linked to acne, so any high-glycemic foods, which involved the usually culprits of white bread, rice, pasta, processed foods and sugary beverages, should be avoided. Also vegetables help a lot to reduce insulin spikes, so make sure to eat a bountiful amount of them throughout the day an especially with meals.

*4. If all else fails..

Seek a dermatologist as soon as you can! your acne is  most likely caused by imbalanced hormones and only a professional can help. (Regardless of  how many products you buy or try out it wont help the problem, trust me.)

Try these recommendations for several weeks and share your story and results via facebook or in the comments below


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