How to Lighten Skin

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⚠ Low-key Disclaimer: Please note, this post is NOT on altering your complexion/skin tone but for those who suffer from the dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The products mentioned are what worked for me and has helped in brightening or lightening my dark spots/problematic areas –  If you have sensitive skin please don’t forget to do a quick allergy test before hand :))


Quick Backstory!  So, id describe my skin tone as yellow AF (It obviously has something to do with me avoiding the sun like the plague) but if you’re brown or yellow or ________ (<-add your skin tone on the line) you know how difficult it is for dark spots/scars to fade.


Here’s a clearer explanation from

* There are some groups that have more pronounced scars than others. Chinese and South Pacific heritage are often noted as ethnic groups who are more prone to hypertrophic scars (large scars outside of the bounds of the initial injury that resolve over about 2 years) or keloids (scars that grow into the surrounding, undamaged, skin and never go away by themselves). African Americans also have a tendency towards more pronounced scarring.


**depending on your diet it may also be a factor on poor/slow wound healing


 So, basically my skin scars pretty damn easily and laser treatment isnt an option at the moment so I took matters into my own hands LOL

All Time Faves


  1. African Soap –  $3.00 – $5.00

how to lighten skin

If you dont know about African Black Soap and you have acne prone skin then you need to use this ASAP (although, everyone should be using it tbh) African Black Soap is well-known for evening out dark spots, fine lines, razor bumps, eczema and eliminating blemishes. I got mines @ I think Amazon (?) 4 months ago for super cheap and they’ve definitely helped with evening out my dark spots and softening  my skin. Oh, and for like $5 bucks you get like a block of  this thing (its literally a block of soap)


2. Korres Brightening Mask – $48

how to lighten skin

When it comes to skin care I’m always masking at least  2x a week and if you want to fade spots or brighten your skin tone (pronto) the Korres Wild Rose Collection is godly.  I know, ive mention Korres like 100x on my previous posts LOL I swear this is not a paid ad but they’re product honestly worked for me so I’m legit gifting these bad boys out like Oprah.  Seriously though, if you are considering using them I’d highly recommend this mask and the Korres Wild Rose Oil  which I’ll mention next

TIP: The packaging for all the products look the same and getting your hands on the brightening mask is only available on their site (


2. Korres Wild Rose Oil – $54

how to lighten skin

Korres should send me a replacement of this oil for this free ad LOL

But honestly, I constantly rave about this oil because its worked wonders. I actually started with a sample of this oil from Sephora and from there I was determined to purchase this entire collection. If you have a combination of dry/oily skin and want to fade some dark spots or brighten your complexion –  I’d recommend trying out the oil first.

I apply it everyday before going to bed and wake up with a hydrated and glowy complexion.

3. L’oreal Youth Code – $17

how to lighten skin

I bought this cream at Target 2 or 3 years ago and I still use it to this day. I wouldn’t recommend using this in the day time only because It leaves a thick white sheery film (?) on the skin and its way too thick to go under makeup. This cream is way too thick as a moisturizer too reminds me of (organic) castor oil.

Night Time Skin Care Tip: After applying your oils dab this cream on your dark spots or problematic areas every night and in about 2-3 weeks you’ll see results.


4. Baking Soda – $6 


how to lighten skin

Good ol’ Baking Soda does it all

At first I was skeptical on how baking soda mixed with a bit of water even fades scars but it truly does however, I would be careful using this on the face only because ive heard some stories of people getting burned (yikes!) and the face is just a tad bit more sensitive in general.

Tip: Use this for larger dark areas like underarms, knees and elbows

  • Apply with a bit of water and leave for 5-10 minutes

Plus, baking soda is an awesome ‘natural’ exfoliator alternative too!


5. Raw Honey + Lemon Mask


how to lighten skin

I love facial masks especially home made ones using organic ingredients like raw honey and lemon. I tend to do this mask often only because it seriously brightens the face resulting in a “glowy” and awake look. Oh! and it does help a lot with hyper-pigmentation as well.

how to lighten skin

use sun block (literally) 24/7


⚠ You wont see results after one week of masking or from (2) weeks of applying these products and/or tips –  Be consistent and you’ll see results!  

P.S There’s awesome sun block creams that can be used under makeup @ sephora but make sure to try them and select the right texture for you!

P.P.S If you want me to post about my all time favorite best sunblock to use under makeup  comment below or let me know via facebook!






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