How to Makeup: Makeup Basics 101


Flawless looking skin is a makeup lover’s dream!  Sometimes our skin acts up and there’s maybe a pimple here and there or dry patches in some areas which may prevent our makeup to have that natural glow but flawless makeup can be easily attainable if some basic makeup steps are followed.


Step 1: Prep

Makeup is art so its crucial to have a clean,smooth and supple canvas to begin. How to: Use a gentle exfoliating soap or create your own by mixing 1tsp of sugar  with a face soap of your choice.

After washing your face and patting dry, Moisturize! Apply it liberally and make sure to give your face the time it needs to absorb the lotion or/spray.

Tip: While your waiting for your moisturizer to absorb – You can use this time to wash your makeup brushes or quickly wash your beauty blender

*Items I currently use: 

Clinique: Moisture Surge ($39.00)

I have a combination of dry/oily skin and a few dry patches on the side of my nose however,  this little bad boy definitely helps my skin significantly

Neautrogena: Oil-Free Acne Wash ($6.39)

Although this is not an exfoliating face wash I do mix a tiny bit of sugar each morning when I’m going to use it and so far its been my holy grail

Brush Egg Cleaner ($3.95)

I think of myself as a germaphobe (?) so I use this little tool more than normal since I like to clean my brushes and blenders after each use (This tool def. makes the job easier)

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Step 2: Primer

Primer (depending on which one you use) minimizes your pores, smooths your skin, blurs imperfection and ensures your foundation to apply better and last longer than usual. How to: Apply a small amount to your face and neck

*Items I currently use:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer($36.00)

I’ve used this one for some time now and its works really well (Minimizes pores,blurs imperfections and prolongs foundation wear)



Step 3: Concealer

Use concealer to cover any blemishes on your skin. How: Dab it carefully over problem areas and blend with your fingertips or beauty blender.

Tip: Personally I like to apply concealer AFTER foundation and this is simply because I’ve noticed when I apply it before-hand my problem areas are still visible

*Items I currently use:

Tarte Concealer Stick ($23.00)


Step 4: Foundation

Select a foundation that matches your natural skin tone. Apply it using small batches on your chin,cheeks and forehead, and then blend it to cover your entire face. Keep it even and drag the foundation down up to your neck to ensure a natural, flawless finish.

Tip: Our skin tone on our face is slightly different from the tone our body so cocktailing your foundation is highly recommended

*Items I currently use:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation ($38.00)

I just started using this foundation but so far, I do like it. Its a bit difficult to find foundations with a bit of a yellow undertone but this one is spot on.

Nars Weightless Foundation ($48.00)

I’ve used this foundation for years and I’m a big hoarder on foundation but always bounce back to ‘Punjab’ from Nars





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Step 5: Highlighter & Bronzer

Highlighter and brozer make your face look more sculpted and definded. Highlighter should be lighter than your natural skin tone.
While bronzer should be a bit darker. Apply the bronzer along your jawline and then brush your highlighter around your cheek bones.
Blend and apply lightly to keep a natural look


*Items I currently use:

Kat Von D Contour Palette ($46.00)

Tarte Bronzer ($30.00)

Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow Kit ($40.00 ea)




Step 6: Blush

Use blush to give it a pleasant glow. Locate the apples of your cheeks by smiling and lightly apply the blush




* Items I currently use:

Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush ($60.00)

Tom Ford Cream Blush ($68.00)

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Always end your makeup routine with a setting spray!



Here’s whats upcoming:

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Swatches? Check out my IG @OfficialChrend

xoxo Chrend



*Items/Brands stated above are currently the items I use in my everyday makeup routine and in no way a paid advertisement. I encourage using items/makeup brands that work for you!


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