How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs for Good: Tips and Tricks

How to Rid of Ingrown Hair: Beauty Tips and Tricks

Ingrown hairs are itchy and painful but unsightly too! It can form anywhere on your body as the new hair follicle grows inward rather than outward. This leaves an irritating inflamed bump that often becomes infected leaving you with a nasty pimple. With my simple skin care and beauty tips, you can learn just how to get rid of ingrown hairs once and for all.

Dealing with a Nasty Ingrown Hair

While prevention is always better than cure, understanding how to treat your embedded follicle can minimize infection and its future formation. In growns appear as raised red bumps on the skin accompanied by itching and discomfort. Most times you can see the trapped hair and other times, it forms a whitehead, gross right? If you can see the hair, use a sterile tweezer to gently lift the skin and pull the hair out. If it has formed a pimple, apply salicylic acid-based creams to control any infection and redness, after which the hair can be removed. Most in grown hairs will go away without any major intervention.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate and Exfoliate Some More

In grown hairs occur for many reasons but one includes the accumulation of dead skin cells, oil and dirt that become trapped in a pore. The hair follicle is pushed sideways by the dirt as it grows out of the pore and curls into the skin. Keeping your face, neck and body properly exfoliated can assist in eliminating clogs and encourages healthier, glowing skin. You can remove the clogs responsible for spots and the poor development of the hair follicle itself.

Investing in a good scrub with exfoliating beads is recommended. Apply a thorough exfoliation at least once or twice per week to target the pores and free it from dirt.

Shaving 101

Shaving is quick and convenient when you need smooth legs or a youthful shaven appeal for men, but it has to be performed correctly to prevent in grown hairs. Always use a sharp clean blade to avoid breaking out in a bumpy rash. Blades that are not properly maintained or have been sitting in your medicine cabinet for some time, create uneven shaves and irritate the skin.

Shave by moving the blade in the direction of natural hair growth. It prevents a blunt cut responsible for a prickly and less than smooth sensation.

Apply a Cleansing Solution After Shaving +

Mild creams and buffs containing salicylic acid will act as a toner and remove the final layers of dirt or dead skin cells to avoid clogs and in grown hairs. Other products are soothing with the purpose of relieving irritation and inflammation.

Care for Your Skin with a Beauty Regime

Sometimes, despite your best efforts you can still experience the annoyance of an in grown hair. Do not stress. These things happen. Just keep it hygienically clean, avoid squeezing or scratching and apply your spot busting cream for protection. Exfoliate, shave in the right direction, and keep your skin properly cleansed to get rid of in grown hairs.

These simple tips on how to get rid of ingrown hairs can help you achieve a beautifully smooth and comfortable skin tone.

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