How to Use Dry Shampoo

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Just recently I got obsessed with dry shampoos!  I have 3b curly hair which I often like to flat iron pin straight ( I know! but I really do prefer how I look with straight hair rather than curly hair)

anyways,  I mentioned to my hairstylist that my hair gets greasy after 3 days and how much of a bummer it was – She mentions Dry Shampoo & how they come in powder form or as a spray

and it basically “eliminate oil, sweat & odor”  A.K.A Greasy hair



So, I purchased (2) both from Sephora one is Living Proof PHD ($12) and Detox ($1) i’m sure the mini Detox isnt normally that price but it was on promotion if I remembered correctly. ( both worked great although the scent differ)





Do’s & Dont’s

DO hold the spray  6-10″ away & Spray in a sweeping motion

DONT apply directly to your scalp

DO wait 30 secs for the spray to absorb the oil

DONT massage right away

DONT use this a replacement for regular hygiene

Like everything in life —  I  decided not to read the directions & just spray it on my hair &  immediately massage it out and go on with my day… I realized although it sort of helped(?) my hair still looked somewhat greasy. Finally, I decided to follow the directions behind the spray canister although I was still skeptical ‘What difference would 30 secs make?’     Answer: huge

Ooh! Before I go any deeper into this please know this is not a replacement for regular shampoo ( you still have to wash your hair!) but lets say (like me) you pay $40.00 to get your hair blow dried & flat ironed and by the 3rd day it already looks greasy and gross(?)  Dry shampoo is a quick and temporary solution!  instead of washing your blow dry every 3 days –  Well, now you can wash it every 4. Suuuuuweeeet!

Also,  I do not recommend using Dry Shampoo often (I’ve heard some stories which haven’t been necessarily confirmed but still!) everything in moderation!

TIP:  If you dont want to purchase Dry Shampoo use Translucent Powder (like the one below: works just as good)



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