How to wash makeup brushes

Bonjour Chrendies,

Today, I wanted to write about how to wash your makeup brushes (aka how I wash my makeup brushes) though it is fairly easy — I know there may be some confusion on what product to use. If you haven’t read my makeup brush cleaner post then I highly encourage you to as it will quicken the cleaning process by a whole lot!


how to clean makeup brushes


You’ll need:

  • Makeup brush cleaner ( Dont have?no worries your palm will do)
  • Olive oil (or any natural oil of your choice)
  • Natural Soap (e.g castile)

Tip: I would recommend using natural soap because its gentle and wont damage your brush thus increasing their overall life span.But If you’re one of the ones that use regular detergent on $30 makeup brushes my question to you is: WHY?!

First:  Apply a tiny drop of olive oil or a natural oil of your choice onto your makeup brush (this loosens up the product on your brush and leaves it nice and fluffy once dried)

How to clean makeup brushes

Second: Drop a dime-size drop of soap onto your scrubbing mat or board


how to wash makeup brushes

Click on the image to learn how to make your own scrubbing board!


Third: Scrub and rinse until water runs clear

Tip: Make sure the metal handle stays as dry as possible  because you dont want to ruin the glue that keeps the brush and the handle together — I know it may be nearly impossible if you run your brushes over a sink but try!

How to clean makeup brushes

P.S Dont forget to leave it to dry on a paper towel overnight!


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