All About Korean Skin Care Routine

The Korean skincare routine is well-known across the world. Many tend to think that the process is extremely complicated due to the several different steps It has. However, many of the steps are optional and once you Its embedded to your skincare regimen, It becomes second nature. If you research It a bit more, you’ll see that It very much consist of: cleanse, exfoliation, treatment, moisture, using SPF during the entire day.

Although Westerners tend to wait until their thirties to work on preventative anti-aging care, Koreans however, start very young and take it very seriously. 


Complete Korean skin care routine:



#1: Eye Makeup Removal:


In order to gently remove your eye makeup, you can use a good makeup remover or you can try the Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissues. This is a great product because it does a pretty detailed job. In case you want, you can also use the tissues to remove your long-wear lipstick.

#2: Cleanse:


The Koreans rule of thumb is that if you take 15 minutes to do your makeup, you need to take as much time when you’re cleansing. You can easily use a cleansing oil like The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil. You need to make sure that you use gentle circular motions with your fingers to clean off the BB cream and the foundation and to massage the skin. The massage is incredibly important to Koreans who believe that it increases the circulation on the face, giving you a brighter skin.


#3: Exfoliation:


In this step, you need to use a natural scrub just like the Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask This step should only be done twice a month on tops, and you should only concentrate on the blackheads and t-zone areas.


#4: Refreshing:


Refreshing for Koreans is similar to toning for Americans. A refresher can be quite helpful to remove the pollutants and any cleanse residue that you left behind. Plus, it helps restore your skin’s pH balance. One of the best refreshers you have is the SU:M37 Waterfull Skin Refresher.


All you need to do is to put it onto a cotton pad and wipe your neck and face.


Korean skin care routine

Korean skin care cheat sheet provided by

#5: The Essence:


This is the most important step of the entire process for Korean women. They just soak their faces in Misha First Treatment Essence. This is basically an accelerator for your cells to make your skin smoother and brighter fast.


#6: The Ampoule:


An ampoule is simply a concentrated version of the essence. The Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule  contains Bifida ferment lysate as their key ingredient. And this will make sure that your skin will be brighter, it will smooth the fine lines, and fade sunspots.

#7: Sheet Mask:

You should use a mask twice a week. In case your skin is very dry, you can use it more. There is a wide variety of masks and it can be quite fun to test them. You have some masks that contain avocado extracts (great for their antioxidants and Vitamin E), for example.


The goal of the sheet mask is to make your skin absorb all the nutrients and moisture better than ever.


#8: Eye Cream:


Now, is the time to use the eye cream. The main difference with the Korean process is that you need to gently tap the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream around your eye area. This will make sure that your skin will absorb better.


#9: The Moisturizer:


Just massage the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Emulsion with gentle strokes. This way, it will penetrate into your skin.


#10: Night Cream:


The main goal of still using a night cream after all this process is to make sure that your skin is hydrated during the entire night. So, you can use the SU:M37 Timeless Moisturizing Cream


Despite it seems a bit crazy and intimidating, it really isn’t. And you can be sure that you’ll get used to it when you start to see the first results


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