Korean Skincare Regime + Skincare Products [Quick Update]

Hey Chrendies 🌸 Bonnie Here


So, about (2) weeks or so I impulsively bought a bunch of Korean skin care products to follow their  ‘Korean Skincare Regime’ to the TEE.

Here are some of the items I purchased (essence and ampule are missing) and I basically explain what I use for each step here


These products were surprisingly pretty affordable compared to Sephora skincare products but all together I spent about $150

for 10+ items which I thought was absolutely awesome because thats maybeee like (2) items @ Sephora LOL

However, among these 10+ items there were only like a handful that were my favorite BUT  note, that theres no doubt that the Korean 10+ step skin care regime is godly and in order to reap the maximum benefits you must follow all the steps ( or at least the basics)


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