KVD Everlasting Lipstick vs Off Brand Review


As you know, Kat Von D’s Everlasting lipsticks is one of  my favorite lipsticks of all time (I rave about it constantly)

but aside from KVD’s  beautiful shades – I wanted to know if the formula is different from..lets say.. off brands?


The (4) off brands lipsticks I used were MII Long Lasting Lipsticks – $2.00 ea and for the price I was simply shocked. Honestly, I really loved all of the shades especially 03 ( Oh,yeah.. the colors are just numbers?)  Its a very neutral peachy shade.

I liked it so much I literally spent at least 10 minutes searching in my lipstick drawer to find a color thats similar to it. I couldn’t find it so..Upcoming Sephora Haul!


I tried my best to purchase dupes for my KVD’s lipsticks but since I purchased it online. When I received them they were nothing like the photos (I was catfished!)

Sidenote: That happens to me often when I purchase online even on Sephora.com. It looks so good on the photos and when I receive my package its either too light or way too dark.

Anyways, you can see that the off brand shades are very nice and kind of stands out a bit compared to KVD shades. So, I tried them on and it was way too sticky, had to apply several coats for the shade to stay put otherwise it was too light and it made my lips look like a dried raisin (Also a pain in the ass to take off)


I think I’ll continue selling my off springs on craigslist to collect all of KVDs lipsticks, I mean its worth it. I’m not trying to convince you to purchase one(?) but honestly, after trying the off brands – It just proves my point that KVD’s formula (whatever it is) is superior. Now, If Kat would like for me to send these off brands to her so she can replicate the shades – I’d be more than happy to! (Because for realz though, the shades were pretty nice) I just had a serious issue with the stickyness and how it felt on my lips.


Thanks to Freebify.com for helping me get the off brands even though they dont sell it on their store however, they do welcome requests and thats how I was able to get these baddies.




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