My Fashion Wants

I’m not going to lie – since I haven’t been shopping for clothes at all lately this post is just a filler LOL However, I will be posting reviews (sometime this week) about trendy items like waist trainers and  the famous IG “diet” tea I’ve been seeing everywhere lately.

Take a look on what I’ve been eyeing for sometime!

BCBG Maxazria – $128.00

I’m getting my hands on these soon enough! I’ve been having some setbacks on one of my projects but as soon as the issues alleviates this is one of the first purchases (I’m most certainly making) Does it look comfortable? My guess is no, but I’ll gladly sprain my ankles in these!


Louboutins Troopista – $1400


Louboutin Mado Boots –  $1400


All I ask is just for one of these shoes! Not even both (im not asking for much..right?) I do plan on getting my hands on these by christam hopefully. I adore all kinds of stiletto boots, they just have a badass look to them and are so versatile that i’d literally wear it all the time when I was a exec. assistant

Leather Pants – ?



I have a few leather pants and they’re okay but because I’m bottom heavy they dont look right or I feel they dont hug my butt tight

Anyways, Im in need in some nice ones! if anyone knows a good brand that sells them then contact me and let me know!

Neiman Marcus Embroidered Dress – $56.00



I’m one of those that have no issue spending $200+ on makeup,jeans,handbags or shoes but when it comes to a dress or a shirt $50 is too much LOL I’m used to forever 21, Charlotte Russe,Love Culture etc. where I can get this for like $15.00 – $20.00 but the style I absolutely love

Gold Choker Necklace – ?


This looks very similar to the Henri Bendel Gold Choker Necklace I was about to purchase but Im not sure if it is.  Anyways,

I’m not ‘big’ on necklaces and I do wear them sometimes (Im more of a ring/bracelet person) but since I layed eyes on this choker on pintrest I had to have it –  Now, I know HB was selling them for like $150.00 which I thought that kinda money would be better invested in makeup (still do) but I really do want one of these even if its a similar style LOL

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