My Top 5 Favorite Perfumes of All Time!

I’m a huge collector of  perfumes so much so that I often purchase some just to complete that specific designer collection. I’m not sure if anyone feels the same way (?) but I tend to get obsessed with certain object for a short period at a time where I feel like I need to collect or hoard everything from that brand or designer. Its happened to me with Alex & Anni bracelets, Prada purses, heels etc.  & then after awhile I get over it – however, theres ofcourse (2) things I’m still obsessed with: perfume and makeup!

Its not hoarding if its makeup

 So, I came up with my top (5) favorite perfumes of all time –  All of these I highly recommend and/or to try them at least once.

5. Tom Ford – Black Orchid

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I have TF Black Orchid, Velvet Orchid & White Patchouli and out of all of the ones I have (including Portofino) I prefer Black Orchid –  TF perfumes for the most part are very strong (somewhat similar to  ‘Guilty’ by Gucci) and has reputable staying power BUT many people like my husband think White Patchouli smells like old cheap perfume BUT  TF is not for everybody however, if you are looking to splurge just take a whiff of Black Orchid and see if you like!

4. Yves Saint Laurent – L’Homme

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Although, this is a Men’s Cologne the scent is soft enough for a woman to wear & honestly,  I’ve seen many who think the same. Thankfully I found this gem – The scent is strong,  intoxicating  and smells pleasant!

The staying power is impressive (lasts almost the whole day) and if you like Tom Ford then you’d definitely like this one.

3. Gucci – Premiere


If you’re looking for a strong yet sophisticating scent(e.g If you work at an office) this is it! This was my go-to scent for a very long time simply because of the staying power and the soft yet intoxicating smell.

Despite having over 25-30 perfumes or so and having to choose between YSL Opium – this one is still my all time favorite.

2. Lancome – La Vie Est Belle

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My signature scent right here – This floral, fresh and sensual scent has been my signature scent for 2-3 years now (I’m not even kidding) I wear this even if I’m not going out (Yes, I wear perfume after I shower)

even if you dont soft or floral scents I recommend at least trying this beauty!

  1. Hermes – Eau Des Merveilles

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This perfume has a very amber-ish scent with a very long lasting power – I always (along with my Lancome) get compliments when I wear this perfume. It reminds me of spring! I definitely recommend trying it out!


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