Natural Skin Care Products

natural skin care products

Hey Chrendies,

I like to think there’s at least 5+ natural oils and/or products every beauty fein should be keeping in their medicine cabinet.Now, i’m a lover of home-made remedies because they’re cheap,convenient and most importantly organic but when I was younger I didnt believe in moisturizing nevertheless, using facial masks ( It was terrible!). Let me tell you — I’m  22 now, and I dont go anywhere without my bottles of Jojoba and Almond oils. All those teen years of not moisturizing made me realize, that foundation and really really dry skin just do not mix.


So, heres my (5) natural products that I believe are must-haves!

natural skin care products

 Baking Soda

Benefits: hyper-pigmentation,exfoliates skin, fights acne and pimples, teeth brightening

Almond Oil

Benefits: Diminishes Dark Circles, hyper-pigmentation,relieves eczema, treats skin rashes, controls hair loss, deep cleansing etc.

Vitamin E Oil

Benefits: Moisturizer, reverses premature skin aging, treats stretch marks, lightens dark spots, stimulates hair growth etc.

Castile Soap

Benefits: Controls oily skin, great for exfoliating, fights dandruff, gentle makeup remover

Jojoba Oil

Benefits: Oil and Acne control, moisturizer,controls hair loss,reduces under-eye circles, reduces wrinkles, reduces skin inflammation

 Baking soda is the holy grail for uneven skin tone/hyper pigmentation. I’ve been using this for a year non-stop and its diminished the dark circles around my elbows and even some trouble spots on my face.  The best part? Its totally natural and super cheap — $2.00 at walmart. Now, along with baking soda, Almond oil is also a total must-have as it not only reduces dark spots/dark circles but helps in relieving skin rashes, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone etc. so its like 10-in-one.

Vitamin E is best for pretty everything and anything but mainly I use them to reverse any signs of aging ( I know i’m only 22 but its better to start sooner than later)

Castile Soap and Jojoba oil – I love to mix the two together since so it can counter balance (?) if you use Castile soap then you know how dry your skin gets after a shower. But for those that dont know about Castile soap, its a natural agent that can be used for literally ANYTHING ( its in 18-in-one soap.. Not kidding..).

I have to say though, my skin seems to appreciate the oils since i’ve  switched my skin care regimen to all organic products.