Sephora Birthday Haul

Ah! It was my birthday weekend so I’m so late on my Smashbox color sticks review but I will have it up by Wednesday night (hopefully) however! I did go through with my Sephora haul and I know I was so indecisive between Sephora or MAC haul but honestly,  there wasn’t anything that I really wanted @ MAC (I might have to go again with one of my MAC expert friends)


So, this is what I bought:

  • Nars Foundation in Barcelona 
  • Tarte Contour Palette
  • Milk Lip Tint Preach
  • Milk Oil Moisturizer
  • Smashbox Primer Water
  • Smashbox Photo Primer Light
  • MAC Whirl
  • MAC Velvet Teddy
  • MAC Spice Lipliner
  • MAC Contour Brush #163
  • Laura Mercier Embrace
  • Laura Mercier Sensual
  • Laura Mercier Cinn-ful
  • Buxom Sinful Cinnamon


  • Milk Lipstick in O.G Red & C.R.E.A.M
  • Sephora Birthday Gift – Marc Jacobs ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’  Lipstick and Eyeliner
  • VIB Rouge Renewal Marc Jacobs Le Rouge Lipstick



I’m obsessed with neutral colors the shades I selected are perfect for an everyday look. Also, notice how I only chose about 2 MAC products that I mentioned in my previous blog post LOL  I’m so accustomed in the variety of brands and products at Sephora that at MAC I was just lost. Of course, I could of asked one of the employees on whats their ‘must have’ products but I feel like they just try to upsell me and thats something I try to avoid – I’m definitely going to incorporate more MAC products though.

Embrace and Sensual are a Satin-Matte finish and Cinn-ful a creamy lip balm

Whirl and Velvet Teddy a Matte Finish along with Buxom’s Sinful Cinnamon


I ordered MILK products through Sephora online and received these sample lipsticks O.G Red and C.R.E.A.M through their promotion – Not so crazy on the shades to be honest, I simply dont like the way it looks on me but they do seem to last long and are somewhat hydrating



So, MILK’s whole motto is “makeup for the girl on the go” which is why their packaging is so different and compact and I love the concept however, I tried this as soon as I got it (you’re supposed to use your fingers) it left me with a red hot-Cheetos finger LOL also when I applied the tint on my lips it looked messy (?) I dont know.. Again, I used it once but i’m just so used to using lip brushes or anything other than my finger to apply lipstick on that I kind of wished these weren’t too pigmented



I havent completely used it but it looks pretty cool (reminds me of  deodorant) but I cant wait to try this before my primer application. I used a bit on my arm and it was non-sticky (huge plus) and it soaked up in a matter of minutes



I cocktail my foundation because I’m so yellow and my body is a shade darker than my face LOL so I got my hands on Barcelona from Nars and it gives great coverage (a little goes a long way) I was stuck between Nars foundation and YSL foundation in Honey but I’m currently using Punjab from Nars and works perfectly fine so  I figured “if it aint broke I wont fix it” (I do want to try Estee Lauder & YSL foundation though!)



I honestly purchased this because it looked so small online that I figured I can take it with me on my travels but…uh no its pretty medium size LOL This contour palette also comes with a cheat sheet which I think something like this is perfect for those starting out with contouring.



I actually used this brush a few time for my birthday weekend and talk about damn precision!

The shape of this brush gives you a sharp contour and also allows you buff it out perfectly and evenly its my favorite brush at the moment



I havent used the photo finish light primer but I did want to compare it with my regular smashbox photo finish primer and see the difference.  Now, the primer water is uhhhh-amazing I use it as a finish for that ‘I woke up like dis’ dewy look



If you’re a BI or a VIB then you know Sephora gives you a little something for your Birthday. I have the full size Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in my lipstick drawer already but I’m excited to try Marc Jacobs eyeliner (Never used MJ eyeliner before)



Aside from the contour brush from MAC this is another MUST HAVE!  I wear a lot of matte lipstick and if your lips are dry it doesnt look appealing so I purchased this lip polish to remedy the problem.

Tip: A cheaper alternative is using a bit of sugar with a tiny bit of olive oil



Reviews on these items will be upcoming in the following weeks!

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