SimplyScrub Organic Body Scrub Review

simplyscrub review

Hey Chrendies, (@simplyscrub) is a a relatively new beauty e-store, that has gained much attention for its organic products and exceptional offers. The brand prides itself in its 100% organic and chemical free scrubs and I must admit that I have fallen absolutely in love with this entire natural exfoliating collection. If you love organic skin care products or have dull dry skin or regular breakouts, I suggest giving these all-natural body scrubs a try. It’s affordable and will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and the smell is seriously amazing!

Simply Scrub prides itself in the exfoliation line of products that are guaranteed as organically produced, all natural and free from the harsh chemicals. The secret to the success of these products is in the meticulous selection of powerful and natural ingredients.

You can find every type of scrub to exfoliate your skin from rose to coffee and gift packs sampling each type of product. My favorite is between the coffee body scrub and the chocolate body scrub. The chocolate body scrub possesses a dark rich texture and the delectable scent of pure chocolate and the coffee body scrub smells like delicious roasted coffee (who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?!). Each scrubbing item is clearly labeled and available in a 3.05 oz jar or 9 oz resealable packet.

These organic body scrubs are available in coffee, soursop, rose, and chocolate. The range consists of intensive moisturizing and nourishing natural ingredients from tea tree oil and brown sugar to vitamin E and honeycomb. The organic soursop consists of mint leaves, Jojoba oil, and shea butter, while chocolate and coffee scrubs include cocoa nibs and real coffee beans, respectively.

simplydcrub review

A closer look at each scrub can help you determine which is the best for your beauty regime and skin type:
  • Rose body scrub: While a little coarser compared to the other natural scrubs, it is filled with vitamin C which is great for lightening dark spots and deep exfoliation. Oh, and If you love the scent of fragrant rose buds and a shine to your complexion, this is the ideal choice!


  • Coffee body scrub: The fine texture, anti-wrinkle properties and exuberant moisturization add to the appeal of this range. What could be better than applying coffee beans all over your skin?!


  • Chocolate body scrub: The cocoa nibs and coconut oil in this nourishing product are noticed as soon as it is massaged onto the skin. It smells good enough to eat!


  • Soursop body scrub: A more traditional scrub, soursop in its colorful green label consists of mineral oil, mint leaves and vitamin A and B. The mint is a little overpowering, but still provides a freshness, intense moisturization, and superb exfoliation.


While the range may seem limited, the quality is undeniable and will leave your skin feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. Applying these products provides the intensive scrubbing and exfoliation you need while moisturizing and soothing at the same time. Its organic basis, intoxicating fragrances and value for money has made Simplyscrub one of my favorites (seriously, its a Spa in a jar).


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