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Hey loves!

I know I said I’d be posting reviews more often but I am still working on the back-end of Chrend a little more. So, (for now) I’ll be posting mini-reviews + swatches every Sunday night.

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Now,  for those who dont know –  If you’re a Sephora VIB or Rouge (I think BI get them as well?) every so often you receive a 15% off discount.. You know I had to get me some goodies!


I purchased a lot more than these lippies and blush. In fact, I only purchased the TF ‘Temptation Waits’ and ‘Pink Sand’ from Sephora and the other (2) lippies from Tom


L2R: $52 ea. Temptation waits,Sweet Mystery,Seventh Sin


TF Cream Blush ’01 Pink Sand’


I have tried these lippies and unfortunately, theres (2) that I kind of didnt like –  On the website it appeared beautiful but for my complexion these shades just dont catch my attention. So, ill be exchanging these.  ( ‘Temptations Waits’ is my fav though!)


This creamy blush is my ‘go to’ blush for that “natural” look! Its absolutely beautiful although, mighty expensive.

Worth the buy? Unsure. If you’re looking to splurge then by all means but out of these products my favorite has to be the ‘Temptation Waits’ lippie!

Here’s whats upcoming:

* Tom Ford Products Mini-Review

* Clinique Moisture Surge Review

* My top 5 Favorite Perfumes

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xoxo Chrend

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