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Hey Chrendies! 💛


A  couple of months ago I went M.I.A because I was working on something that i’d  share with you all! I think its kind of self-explanatory in the title but if you want a bit of a back story,

here it goes: 

October of 2014 I started an online shop with my very close friend, Jess, we simply wanted to list our creations online and just see how many people actually liked it.

We never pictured we’d have absolutely any followers or sales (lol) simply because, we didn’t really know how big the hand-made market and audience really was.

Arts & crafts were both of our favorite hobbies so,  i would come up with the designs and she would usually just come up with a prototype and we’d snap a photo of it and listed it online.



Vasylious 2014 | Look at that picture quality LOL


Now, by February of 2015 things were going awesome! we were featured on Etsy trending a few times, our gold screw bracelet, we were one of the top ‘brands’ for hair tie bracelets and our charmed hair tie bracelet was our #1 best seller each month!

(and were even back-ordered a bit) But by the middle of June or so we had to close down due to turn of events and Jess having some personal issues.




Vasylious 2016 | Me sporting our new “Bonnie” choker made by me

with the almost year in a half or so of being in the shadows, we’ve noticed how many popular and trendy items were inspired and/or very similar to our designs which we think is pretty cool!

however, we’re both very happy to re-launch Vasylious and we have a few designs and creations that I think  a lot of people will love.


We will be posting new designs every month 🙂 feel free to LIKE us on Facebook or visit our store


Thank you for your support Chrendies! 



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