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🌸How to: Cover up your tattoo with Makeup!🌸

I don’t usually cover up my tattoos unless its for a very very very important occasion like becoming president of the United States  – But lets say, you have a twerking girl tattooed on your nose or have a wedding or interview to go to and you want to look extra spiffy.

Here’s all you need:

Full Coverage Foundation

Full Coverage Concealer

Finish Powder

Setting Spray



Thats literally all you need –  You dont need to use the same products I used (This can be achieved with Drug Store makeup!) just make sure both foundation + concealer are full coverage!


The products I used for this:

1.Kat Von D Lock it Foundation (Medium  54)

2. Clinique Foundation + Concealer (09 Neutral)

3. Clinique Pressed Powder (03 stay beige)

If you are looking for recommendations then KVD Foundation is definitely a good start and If you’re simply not sure then you can head over to Sephora and give the sample a try

(but I highly recommend for tattoo coverage)

Also, since I wasnt going anywhere I did not use a setting spray nor a primer however I do recommend a setting spray and possibly a primer so the coverage stays in place.

These are the primer/setting spray I currently use:



The order in which to use it

Although, I have Clinique Foundation + Concealer as the first step I recommend starting out with full coverage foundation first, then going over with a full coverage concealer and patting it dry with a pressed powder( just my personal preference)

chrend0003 When applying the foundation and concealer you want to dab it on the tattooed area (DO NOT wipe it on)  since the goal here is to build up coverage and conceal the area its also important to give it a few minutes to dry and repeat the steps as necessarily until you’re not able to see the tattoochrend006 Lastly, go over it with a pressing powder using a  brush and again lightly dab the product on the area


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