Unique Handmade Chokers


Hi Chrendies! 💜

Theres no doubt that the Choker necklaces have been the MUST-HAVE fashion accessory of 2016 and  (2) years ago when I wanted a choker necklace friends that I told thought I was nuts! But now, almost everyone is sporting them and I must say, fashion trends are absolutely fascinating because whats “it” or a must-have today may or may not be trending a few years from now. But thats the fun part, finding out what will be trending next.

choker necklace

Vasylious “Reign” Choker necklace

Choker necklaces are so unique and fun to play around with that I’m always tempted in purchasing new ones whenever I see a new design

choker necklace

I really hope choker necklaces dont go out of style anytime soon and even if they do I don’t think they wont 😉 fashion tends to recycle



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