Updated: Upcoming Sephora Haul

I’m still contemplating on a Sephora or a MAC haul in the next few weeks and i’m kind of leaning towards MAC simply because I havent purchased from them in a while.

In the meantime, ill be making somewhat of a makeup list below of products highly rated and recommended.




Shade: among the fireflies

This was actually recommended to me by a family friend since i’m so attracted to neutral hues and I’m excited to try/swatch this shade



Shade : Antique Velvet

First, let me say that this color looks absolutely gorgeous – You know I had to google images this lipstick and it seems that I might like it a lot! But again I do have to swatch or try this on before making it official.



Shade: Deep Love

Ooh! So, online it says this shade is a deep brown wine color in which I dont think I have any in my lipstick drawer (not sure)

Looking online though it looks like it may be more of a red shade rather than brown (?)



Shade: Persistence

Its described as a peachy cinnamon hue. You know I had to google images this shade and out of all of the ones i’ve chosen  I think ive fallen in love with this one LOL

may also purchase: Whirl,Velvet Teddy,Soar (Lip liner),Royally Riotous,Spirit,Verve



Milk MakeupCooling water

I’ve actually heard good reviews about this new company and went to Sephora asking for their products. Unfortunately, I think they only sell their product online? Because I asked like 2 months ago and they’re still not there. LOL  Anyways, my skin is pretty dry and TBH the packaging itself makes me just want to buy it (I have a problem..send help)



Kat Von DLock it Color Correcting Eye Shadow Primer

I love KVD’s products and cant wait to try this!



Peter Thomas Roth –  Max Complexion Correction Pads

This supposedly reduces the appearance of fine lines, cleanses the skin and clears up black heads. Welp, I’m sold on this product and hopefully it works because getting facials is such a drag (at least to me)



MACStrobe Cream

I’m hoping this cream hydrates the hell out of my skin for two days straight since ive been hearings so many good things about it!




MAC – Prep + Prime Fix +

Ive been using Clinque Thirsty Skin Relief spray for 2 years now and I have no complaints whatsoever but since this has so many positive reviews on their site. I want to see what the hype is about!


Ill be updating this list as my birthday approaches(March 12)  since I tend to forget what i’m there for when I go shopping.LOL


What products would you recommend or would like to read a review on? Ill add it to my haul list!

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