Whats Upcoming on Chrend! :)

Hey Luvs 🌸 Bonnie here

I’ve been working on a little something on the side that I hope to  maybe incorporate onto Chrend, I will be announcing further details on Facebook  – make sure you follow me there for the updates!

So, because I haven’t had the time to post on chrend this week – I’ll update you whats upcoming this coming Thursday!

  • Benefits of Baking Soda + Natural Soap

If you have hyperpigmentation or maybe some pesky dark spots that you’d like to lighten and fade naturally then you’ll definitely want to get yourself some regular ol’ baking soda! I’ll also let you know what other natural soaps that help with fading and/or lightening of the skin


  • My Drug Store Faves
  • Favorite Foundation of All Time
  • My Travel Essentials


  • My Perfume Collection
  • My Makeup Collection
  • Fashion/Designer Wants


I’m also thinking of adding a section of all of my absurd and laughable stories in my life LOL (something a bit more personal with all the tea, chismes and receipts) but I’m not so sure on that just yet .. but Ill probably call it something like ‘tea time’ (?)



Also, for those who have contacted regarding the Youtube channel –  I am currently working on that and  learning the ropes with PS video editing before I actually do begin uploading on YT (simply because I want to put out really good -ish) so please be patient but i’m hoping by the end of the year It should be up and set 🙂


If you have any ideas on what you’d like for me to post about and/or any ideas in general then please let me know via Facebook or in the comments below!






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