Whats Upcoming on Chrend! :)

Hey Luvs┬á­čîŞ┬áBonnie here

I’ve been working on a little something on the side that I hope to ┬ámaybe incorporate onto Chrend, I will be announcing further details on Facebook ┬á–┬ámake sure you follow me there for the┬áupdates!

So, because I haven’t had the time to post on chrend this week – I’ll update you whats upcoming this coming Thursday!

  • Benefits of Baking Soda + Natural Soap

If you have hyperpigmentation or maybe some pesky dark spots that you’d like to lighten and fade┬ánaturally then you’ll definitely want to get yourself some regular ol’ baking soda! I’ll also let you know what other natural soaps that help with fading and/or lightening of the skin


  • My Drug Store Faves
  • Favorite Foundation of All Time
  • My Travel Essentials


  • My Perfume Collection
  • My Makeup Collection
  • Fashion/Designer Wants


I’m also thinking of adding a section of all of my┬áabsurd and laughable stories in my life┬áLOL (something a bit more personal with all the tea, chismes and receipts) but I’m not so sure on that just yet .. but┬áIll probably call it something like ‘tea time’ (?)



Also, for those who have contacted regarding the Youtube channel – ┬áI am currently working on that and ┬álearning the ropes with PS video editing before I actually do begin uploading on YT┬á(simply because I want to put out really good -ish) so please be patient but i’m hoping by the end of the year It should be up and set ­čÖé


If you have any ideas on what you’d like for me to post about and/or any ideas in general then please let me know via Facebook┬áor in the comments below!







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