Why I Wont be Reviewing Certain Cosmetic Brands

First, let me explain a little bit more of one of the things I do. I  work at a marketing firm as a Marketing Dir. as well as a merchant for a few indie online stores (newly, Freebify)Soo.. I’m very well connected with overseas clothing and cosmetic manufacturers. Due to this – i’m aware that some brands dont necessarily produce their own products but instead hire a lab (or a manufacturer) to produce the item and stamp their own brand on them.  This is a legal and common practice and there’s nothing wrong with it at all! but I do think consumers should be aware that most of the time you’re simply purchasing the brand and/or even packaging of the product.

  • Privatelabel products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand.

Fact: Estee Lauder owns 29 makeup brands including MAC and Clinique

Although I wont mention any brand names –  Just be aware that unknown brands that are being heavily promoted (especially on IG) by an influencer (they sometimes even provide a disc. code) are usually it.

E.G “Omg this new lipstick from @XYZ is my absolute favorite! Use code:FOH for a discount!”


So you probably wont see me reviewing indie brands unless they send me a sample and welcome my honest review otherwise, I’ll ‘nope’ my way out.


Fact: L’oreal owns YSL Beauty,Giorgio Armani,Lancome & Urban Decay


Reason #2 :  If the company and/or brand are proven to be unethical

Some of these brands I come across are owned by shady, ignorant and unprofessional individuals that do not have the basic knowledge on how to even own a business nevertheless, how to properly speak to a customer.

Reason #3: If I’m not fond of the owner or the brand ambassador

If Courtney Love came out with a makeup product or company  LOL It’ll go through one ear and out the other.

Having the right people pushing your product is extremely important in a company –  Sadly, I do believe it all comes down to a popularity contest.

  Can you guess the brand that i’m talking about for Reason #2?


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