14K Rose Gold Screw Bracelet Give-away + Upcoming posts

Hey Chrendies.

This post wont be a regular ol’post but a quick one on whats upcoming in the next few weeks!

As some of you may know, i’m co-owner of Vasylious  and I recently launched an updated look on our most popular bracelet in our store. In celebration, ill be having a give-away for our new and improved 14K rose gold screw bracelet (pictured below) Yes, i’m giving (1) away …maybe more!?


But seriously, who doesnt love freebies?! If you do then you need to join the 12K vasylious lovers who love participating in our monthly give-aways!

Our give-aways will feature upcoming collections (e.g jewelry designs and accessories) and exclusive products (so, don’t miss out!)


Upcoming Posts:

  • My favorite korean beauty products (as there’s some I dont use anymore)
  • DIY Hair Masks
  • Sneakpeek at my perfume collection
  • Fashion DIY ( haven’t thought of what yet!)


Thats all I could think of for now but know they’re currently in the works! If you want a DIY tutorial or any kind of topic post then let me know below or via facebook!

P.S  Regular posting will commence this upcoming Thursday! Sorry Chrendies, as i’ve been a tad busy with Vasylious!



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